Maximizer CRM

Maximizer is a long-standing CRM product that was created over 20 years ago. Use this CRM if you are looking for a simple, well laid out CRM that is easy to understand. It integrates well with email clients and calendars.

Maximizer is available both online (Maximizer Live) or on your own servers (Maximizer On-premise). Both products have the same look and feel, and client computers require no installation (apart from email integration).

Maximizer’s Datacentre is in the USA.

See for details.

Maximizer Live

Ideal for any users that do not want to have their own infrastructure, including servers, security, backup and cooling.

Have an existing Maximizer or spreadsheet of data?
Let us know and we can help you to migrate to the cloud.

Maximizer On-premise

For those that must have their data in country, on-premise is a must for Maximizer users.