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Compliance and administration go hand in hand. A tedious yet necessary part of business. Having a good CRM can considerably reduce your compliance and administration tasks & costs.

The financial industry specifically is undergoing an overhaul at the moment due to reforms to the Australian Financial Services and the Financial Adviser Register. Be notified of any upcoming compliance regulation requirements through predetermined automated notifications and reporting analytics.

An increase in compliance also means a decrease in time available for endless manual paperwork requirements. Zoho can automate your compliance with integrations! Merge, send and save your documentation automatically! There is also a fully secure, recognised Document Sign application for online signatures.

This type of automation will also assist banking, accounting, legal, health, real estate, property rental management, mortgage brokering, human resources, superannuation, education, government, not-for-profit and a host of others that have to meet strict compliance requirements.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you automate your administration tasks, set up notifications and design dashboards incorporating reporting analytics to get you smooth sailing.

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Richard Price

Richard has been assisting companies implement Zoho systems for nearly a decade. He has both a commerce and law degree and 25 years of experience in New Zealand and the UK in the corporate sector.

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